About Us


Community Forests International was founded after launching a tree-planting project on the island of Pemba, Tanzania. Since inception in 2007 the organization has grown to support the planting of over 1,000,000 trees.


How can communities adapt to climate change and still make a living in the process? Communities around the world need to adapt to climate change. Global warming is responsible for 300,000 deaths...

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How can a community provide for a generation they may never see? If you plant a tree, you are contributing to something that is greater than yourself. Trees can outlive humans, passing on the...

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How can a small island that can’t drill wells still access clean drinking water? Imagine if you had no water. Each day you had to leave your home, travel two hours by boat, fill up water...

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Is wireless electricity possible? Several Pemban communities don’t have access to electricity. As an NGO/environmental start-up, the prospect of having to maintain a community-scale energy...

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If our planet is crowded and space is limited how can we find land in order to grow food? Rural communities depend on the land. They depend on land for housing, fuel-wood, water and food....

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Imagine if the solution to climate change came from the people that need it the most? Located on the island of Pemba, where educational opportunities are few and far between, the Rural Innovation...

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