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Community Forests International launched in Canada by creating a sustainable living workshop series. Since then the organization has conserved 580 acres of forest and created a ground breaking carbon offset initiative.


Can Canadians follow Pemba's lead? Climate change is going to affect us all. Canadian communities are experiencing storm surges, severe storms, flooding and a shift in seasonal weather; so how...

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Can conservation help us transition to sustainable prosperity? In Canada, environmental conservation is often pitted against economic development. Job creation is used as an excuse to reduce the...

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How do we educate and innovate for the future? Traditional land-use education was apprentice based. If your parents farmed, you learned to farm. If your father worked in the woods, you learned how...

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How do we move beyond living on the land, to improving it? Restoration is an art, written on the landscape by saw or by spade. We can’t go on living on our planet as we have been in the past....

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How can Canadians offset carbon and fight climate change? Climate change is the greatest challenge to ever face the planet. Climate change threatens clear air, water, the food we eat and the land...

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Can we build a hackerspace for rural innovation? Over the past year we've become obsessed with innovation. We've been working with some of the most interesting people and projects around...

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