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From resilient agroforestry to women's equality — your gift today goes 10x as far towards Zanzibar's community-led climate solutions.

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Stories from the Wabanaki-Acadian Forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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Our forests can protect us, if we protect them. Become a donor today to protect endangered forests and to support the communities that depend upon them.

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Together We Thrive

Community Forests International believes the most important climate solutions can be found wherever people live and work closely with forests. That's why we work to protect and restore the climate by enabling communities and forests to thrive together.

We care about forests and the people connected to them.

We know that climate justice will allow people will be the restorative force that our forests and climate need. We hold people and communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change at the heart of our thinking and acting.

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Our Impact

For over 10 years we have been empowering rural communities to thrive with forests. Check out some of our impact to date:

  • 58K

    Direct Beneficiaries

    Co-creating solutions for people and the planet.

  • 2,700

    acres of forest

    Protecting endangered forests by holding them in trust.

  • 3.2M

    Trees Planted

    Planting back lost forests for future generations.

  • 375

    acres of agroforest

    Supporting climate-smart innovation.