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Stories from the Wabanaki forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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Where We Work

Across the globe, the climate crisis is impacting communities and landscapes around the world. One of the most significant solutions to help slow the global climate crisis lies within our forests. Forests don’t just help us adapt to and mitigate climate change though—they also provide food, energy, good jobs, and other livelihoods opportunities. When forests thrive, our communities thrive too.


We are working to protect the Wabanaki Forest (also known as the Acadian Forest). Found in the Maritime provinces of Canada, these forests have the potential to be one of Canada’s greatest carbon solutions while providing immeasurable benefits to local communities.

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A woman holds her child in her melon patch


Working alongside rural communities in Zanzibar, we promote resilient livelihoods that restore forests, foster gender equality, and improve income in communities already dealing with the negative effects of climate disaster. From spice forests to mangrove restoration, all of our efforts are guided by the communities that need them most.


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Community meeting in Sambene, Mozambique


In early 2021, Community Forests will be sharing and adapting our community-led solutions to the very special coastal communities and mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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