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Stories from the Acadian Forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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Our Work in Canada

We’re reimagining how to work with forests in response to climate change. Under business as usual, Canada’s forest lands contribute more to making global climate change worse than they protect against it—this must change. We work with forest entrepreneurs and forestry communities in the Maritime Provinces, the unceded territories of the Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik Nations, to reverse destruction and ensure forests thrive now and in the future.

Forest Carbon Offsets

We need healthy forests now, more than ever. We partner with people and businesses who take responsibility for their climate impact by saving old forests through carbon offsets, avoiding the emissions that would be released if these forests were destroyed. These climate forests then act as deepening carbon sinks with countless co-benefits.

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A uniform green forest photographed from above.

Forest Adaptation

As the climate changes, the growing conditions for trees also change. By translating leading science into practical response strategies and training forestry professionals to manage forests for greater climate resilience, we can grow forests that are better able to adapt and better able to protect biodiversity and store carbon over the long term.

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A gravel path through talls trees. The path has orange leaves on it, which have fallen from the surrounding trees.

Forest Restoration

Our forest restoration program is based on securing large areas of degraded land and replanting a diversity of native trees to bring back lost forests. By purchasing the lands outright, we can ensure that these forests will never be destroyed again and will flourish for future generations. To date, we have restored over 2,700 acres of special Acadian forest and dream of greatly expanding our impact in this region with new partners in years to come.

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A woman wearing a pink plaid shirt bends over to plant a tree in a clearcut.

Support Our Work

Our forests can be one of the most important tools for mitigating the climate crisis. Your support will help us protect and restore vital forest ecosystems, while creating opportunities for rural communities.

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We protect and restore forests so that they can continue to provide for communities for generations to come. Check out our impact in Canada to date:

  • 2,702

    acres of forest

    Protecting endangered Acadian forests.

  • 28k

    tonnes of carbon

    Sequestering carbon through climate-smart management.

  • 500k

    trees planted

    Restoring lost forests with a diversity of native trees.

  • 709

    acres restored

    Holding land in trust for future generations.