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Stories from the Wabanaki forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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The Archives



November: Forest Care Guide Release

October: More About Mangroves

September: The Beauty of Fall Colours

August: A Time For Harvest

July: People of the Dawnland, Soil Beneath Our Feet

June: In Response to Wildfire, Your Forest Tree Guide

May: Your Spring Flower Guide, How Forests Act Like Sponges

April: Happy Earth Month

March: Big News For the Wabanaki Forest!, More Forgotten Forests

February: Watch “Windhorse” Today, Meet The Forests, 6 Principles of Reconciliation.

January: Watch Mitata Today, New Hope for the Wolastoqey language.


December: Post-Hurricane Fiona, Indigenous Knowledge for Biodiversity at COP15.

November: VIUNGO Two Years In, Partnering for Reconciliation, 

October: Zanzibari Spiced Coffee

September: Introducing Our New Podcast

August: Take Action on Glyphosate

June: Watch “The Borer & The Basket”

April: Introducing “Standing Trees”

March: International Day of Forests

February: What’s Growing in ZanzibarA Statement of Solidarity

January: The Robinson Forest Expansion


December: All You’ve Helped Achieve

December: Introducing the Forest Accord

November: From Clearcuts To Climate Resilience

September: What’s in a name – The Wabanaki Forest

August: Update from Mozambique!

September: National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

August: What do you and 500 tree planters have in common?

July: What’s Growing in Zanzibar?

June: Announcing the launch of Common Ground!

May: May flowers and more from the forests.

April: Big News From Sackville

March: How to Plant a Mangrove

February: From Spices to Social Enterprises

January: 2021 really hit the ground running


December: Why I’m grateful.

November: Notes from November

September: Can forests protect us?

August: Our future depends on our forests!

July: Farmers in Zanzibar are on the frontline of COVID-19

June: How we came to be here

May: The Work

April: Recovering With Forests

March: We Adapt

February: A fight for safety and sovereignty

January: Plant forests—not just trees