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Stories from the Wabanaki forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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Seeds of Change

In a country dominated by agriculture, how do we grow climate-resilient ecosystems and livelihoods?

Answer: From the ground up.

Local farmers in Zanzibar are striving to cultivate diverse spice crops and create sustainable, flourishing farming ecosystems. With your help, we can empower farmers, providing the support they need to grow resilient livelihoods.

We’ve reached thousands of farmers already, and you can help us reach thousands more.

Growing Resilience

We believe that livelihoods and environmental stewardship are interconnected. By supporting farmers in Zanzibar to grow thriving spice forests and kitchen gardens, you are not only helping them achieve self-reliance but also promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable farming practices. These growing ecosystems contribute to gender equality, community wellbeing, enhance soil health, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

Your donation today will provide a diversity of seeds and seedlings to farmers, allowing them to kickstart their own thriving Spice Forests and Kitchen Gardens. What’s more, your donation will provide farmers with vital tools and resources, including water irrigation systems and ongoing training from Community Forests’ staff. These essential resources empower farmers to increase their productivity, improve crop quality, and safeguard their livelihoods against the challenges of a changing climate.

Meet Kibano Omar

Meet Kibano Omar Kibano, a farmer from Mtambwe Kaskazini village in Pemba. Just a few years ago, Kibano was struggling to make ends meet as a subsistence farmer. However, with our support and training, he embraced spice farming and witnessed a transformative change. Today, Kibano's income has increased, allowing him to provide three solid meals a day for his family and send his eldest child to secondary school. His success story is just one among many. But there are still many farmers like Kibano who need our assistance. This is where you come in.

Zanzibari women sharing seeds

Your Opportunity

Be a Seedling Sponsor. By contributing $50, you can provide a farmer with sufficient seeds to transform an acre of land into a thriving fruit and vegetable farm!

Become a Water Provider. With a $100 donation, you can support a farmer by providing them with an acre of irrigation, guaranteeing the survival of their crops during the upcoming annual dry seasons.

Join the Agroforest Funders. With a contribution of $200, you can provide the necessary seedlings and water support for one acre of agroforest farmland to flourish.

Support Today
Pemban woman in yellow sari

Growing Roots Circle

By becoming a committed donor, your gift provides the predictable support that helps ensure the biggest impact for Zanzibari farmers and their communities. The amount that you choose to give is completely up to you, but the value of your support and belief in a thriving future is truly immeasurable!

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Corporate Partners

We believe that businesses can be a positive force for good in our society when we work in tandem to protect and restore our shared forests. We are proud partners of businesses through 1% For The Planet and B-Corp, and are always looking to expand meaningful and value-aligned relations. Could your organization be next?

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