Watch this new 2 minute BBC video on co-founder Mbarouk Omar and our efforts to bring lost forests back to Pemba Island.


Join Mbarouk's movement to plant trees in Pemba.

Ten years ago we teamed up with Mbarouk to bring lost forests back to Pemba Island. We had no idea where it would take us – no idea the positive change we could make - and this year we’re celebrating our 2 millionth tree planted!

Help us keep this grassroots movement growing by joining hundreds of supporters across Canada and around the globe as we restore the beauty and productivity of Pemba Island.

Forests Intl. helps communities overcome climate change by empowering them to thrive with forests. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to help Mbarouk and his community plant another 200,000 trees - to restore endangered coastlines and grow the island's emerging forest economy.


Coastal Restoration

Pemba Island's 'Bioshield'

Coastal forests hug Pemba’s coastline, surrounding the island with 13 species of mangrove trees that live half on the land and half in the sea. Their strong roots hold soils in place, protecting the shoreline against waves and flooding, while providing important habitat for fish and other wildlife.

Mangrove forests are a nature's defense against rising seas but are increasingly threatened globally. Last year we planted more than 100,000 mangrove trees and we can’t stop now! With your help, we will continue to work alongside coastal communities in Pemba to replant and conserve vital mangrove forests.


The Forest Economy

Can we have our conservation and eat it too?

70% of Pembans are farmers and make less than a dollar a day. A rapidly changing climate is now threatening how they live and work on the land. Thankfully, we’ve found a solution that’s reallty helping - agroforestry - based on growing valuable trees alongside traditional crops.

Pemban farmers are now planting a diverse mix of trees to produce food, timber, and spice crops – allowing a new forest economy to emerge. Most exciting are the 'Spice Forests' now spreading across the island. These jungle-like agricultural systems produce a mix of delicious fruit, veggies, and high value spices – creating more profit than traditional systems and vastly improving food security in the face of climate change.

This year we will expand our training and supports to hundreds of new farmers and their families, and continue to build international fair-trade markets to ensure farmers get the best price for their products.


Amplifying your support

Every dollar raised is multiplied by five! Forests Intl. has worked hard to secure a partnership with the Global Climate Change Alliance that effectively quintuples all funds raised during the Plant 4 Pemba campaign. Now we need your support to maximize this great opportunity.

Special thanks to our founding sponsors Brinkman and Associates Reforestation who have generously covered the overhead costs for this fundraiser so that 100% of your donation goes directly to Pemba.



We need you now more than ever


The world loses about 200 thousand square kilometers of forest annually - equivalent to roughly 50 football fields every minute. Fortunately, 65 thousand square kilometers are replanted at the same rate. But this is not enough. Forests continue to decline around the world with the biggest losses occurring in the tropics, particularly in Africa.

Pemba is part of The Coastal Forest of Eastern Africa. This forest type is rated #1 worldwide for ecological diversity and 8th most endangered. 40% of this forest type is found in the coastal regions of Tanzania like Pemba Island.


Our tree planting roots


Every spring, Canadian tree planters come together to plant trees and donate their earnings to Pemba in an act of solidarity with people halfway around the world. People who struggle with climate change every day.

Forests Intl. was founded in 2008 by four young Canadian tree-planters, and through the Plant 4 Pemba campaign hundreds of tree planters continue to help drive restoration efforts in Pemba.

We believe that empowered people around the world can spark large-scale change and create solutions to some of the toughest challenges, and Mbarouk is proof of that. Together we can change the world!


*Forests Intl. is a registered charity. All donations of $25 or more automatically receive a tax deductible charitable receipt.


Thank you!


A big thanks to all the tree planters that make our work possible, and to Brinkman & Associates Reforestation for covering the costs associated with this fundraiser. Tuko pamoja - we are together.


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