Concluding the First-in-Canada Carbon Offset Program

By Rebecca Jacobs, Posted on September 15, 2023

Celebrating a Groundbreaking Milestone: East Coast Family Forest Owners Successfully Conclude First-in-Canada Carbon Offset Program

[Sackville, New Brunswick, 22.09.23] – This month marks a significant occasion as the pilot phase of the first-ever carbon offset program for East Coast family forest owners officially comes to a close. With the success of this initiative, Community Forests International extends heartfelt gratitude to all involved and invites everyone to join in celebrating this remarkable achievement.

The journey towards developing accessible, high-integrity carbon projects alongside family forest owners has been a decade-long commitment for Community Forests International. The roots of this endeavour extend back to 2012 when a passionate team from Community Forests embarked on the region’s inaugural forest carbon project near Fundy National Park. This project showcased the profound impact that people can have as restorative forces on the landscape, a principle that continues to guide their path today.

Recognizing the transformative potential of valuing forest carbon, Community Forests International set its sights on empowering forest stewards to embrace more ecologically equitable management approaches. Overcoming numerous challenges along the way, the organization persevered with the dream of replicating its early success across the vast expanse of 80,000+ landowners in the region.

Today, the steadfast dedication of Community Forests International and the unwavering commitment of sixty forest stewards have borne fruit. An impressive 65,000 acres of forestland have generated over $400,000 in carbon revenues, benefitting rural households and serving as a vital contribution to the climate and the diverse species that call these forests home.

Central to this success has been the novel approach of NCX, underpinned by a people-focused ethic. Community Forests International collaborated tirelessly to adapt this unique model to the Maritime context, creating a first-in-Canada pilot project aligned with the unique characteristics of the region and forest family caretakers.

Although significant milestones have been reached, the journey is far from over. The challenges that persist remind us of the critical importance of healthy forests in our world today. Community Forests International remains at the forefront of advancing ecological forestry, natural climate solutions, and forest carbon initiatives that prioritize the well-being of people and communities.

To further support forest owners on their journey, Community Forests International has developed a concise guide titled ‘Five Ways to Prepare for Carbon Offset Markets.’ This valuable resource aims to assist individuals and communities as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of forest carbon initiatives.

As we look ahead, this moment will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal milestone in the ongoing mission to protect and restore Earth’s climate. While the work continues, Community Forests International eagerly anticipates the next challenge, driven by a steadfast commitment to creating a healthier, more climate-safe future where both people and forests take centre stage.

Quick Facts:

  • Participants in New Brunswick (NB) and Nova Scotia (NS) are the first citizens in the region to be compensated for the climate benefits their forests provide.
  • A total of 62 individuals participated, collectively stewarding over 65,000 acres.
  • Rural households earned an impressive $407,607.60 for their dedication to forest and climate care.

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