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Stories from the Wabanaki forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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Prefer paper? We've got a limited number of printed Forest Care Guides!

Coil-bound print copies of Into The Wabanaki: A Forest Care Guide are available for purchase at $15, including tax and shipping (within Canada). As a non-profit, this small fee helps cover the cost of printing and shipping. However, we never want cost to be a barrier, so we also have a dedicated number of copies of the Care Guide available for purchase at a sliding scale.
The printed Care Guide is currently only available in English, but if you would like a French copy please do reach out so that we can notify you when French versions are available for purchase!


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These Care Guides are flying off the shelves! We're just double checking to count how many we have in stock, and will add more for sale online soon. Thank you for your patience!