Be a Catalyst for Change: Why Monthly Donors Matter

By Community Forests International, Posted on August 29, 2023

At Community Forests International, we believe that collective action is the key to a thriving future, and you can play a pivotal role by joining our community of dedicated monthly donors.

Getting to the Roots of Monthly Giving

Just like the ecosystems we strive to protect, our collective efforts shape the world we live in. Monthly giving provides us with the tools to respond immediately when urgent situations occur. Whether it’s the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona or the relentless wildfires that threaten our forests, your consistent support empowers us to take swift action and protect the ecosystems we hold dear.

Sustainable Funding for a Sustainable Future

In the face of the climate crisis, reliable and predictable funding is essential for effective action. By becoming a monthly donor, you provide us with the stability we need to plan for the future. The world is changing rapidly, and with your support, we can navigate these changes and ensure the long-term health of our forests and communities.

Empowering Effective Planning

The urgency of the climate crisis demands effective planning and action. Monthly giving allows us to plan more effectively, accurately, and in the long term. It empowers us to make decisions that have a lasting impact, protecting our forests and the communities they sustain.

Small Contributions, Big Impact

It’s not about the size of the donation; it’s about the impact it has. Giving a small amount each month may seem modest, but over time and when combined with the contributions of others, it makes a significant difference. Your support fuels our mission, enabling us to tackle the challenges posed by the ongoing, unpredictable times we all face.

Simple, and simply impactful.

Once you sign up, your support becomes automatic, allowing us to focus on making a difference and you to focus on the difference you’re making.

Bringing Stability to Unpredictable Times

Are you tired of the unpredictability that defines our times? By joining our monthly giving community, you can bring a little stability to these uncertain waters. Your commitment enables us to act swiftly in the face of climate impacts, protecting our forests and communities with the speed and efficiency needed to make a real difference.

As you know, there’s no time to waist when it comes to taking climate action. Join our monthly giving community and be a catalyst for positive change. Your consistent support will help us respond to urgent climate impacts, plan for the future, and create a sustainable world for generations to come.

Thank you for considering this meaningful investment in our shared future. Together, we can reshape the narrative into one of hope, and ensure a brighter future for our planet and the communities we hold dear. Join our monthly giving community today.