How an invasive species is impacting culture and forests.

By Community Forests International, Posted on July 20, 2022

In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day 2022, we invite you to watch our short film, The Borer and the Basket, directed by Mi’kmaq filmmaker Desmond Simon.

Through the traditional Indigenous craft of basket making, this film outlines the spiritual, ecological, and cultural practices at risk from the spread of the emerald ash borer, an invasive species threatening the ash trees of the Wabanaki Forest. In weaving personal stories with the latest research, the film follows the basket makers and experts trying to preserve the forest before it’s too late.

Featured in the Nickel Independent Film Festival 2022 and the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2022, you can watch this moving short film today!

This video was produced through the Common Ground Project, a partnership between Community Forests International, Ulnooweg Development Group, and the Family Forest Network of Nova Scotia.

The Common Ground project seeks to grow collaboration and partnership between Indigenous and settler forest communities by exploring our commonalities and moving forward with ecological forestry through Indigenous forest knowledge and shared family forest values. You can learn more from the Common Ground project here.