Into the Wabanaki: A Forest Care Guide

By Rebecca Jacobs, Posted on November 1, 2023

Your Path to Forest Stewardship

At Community Forests International, we are thrilled to introduce the much-anticipated launch of “Into the Wabanaki: A Forest Care Guide.” This isn’t just another forest guide; it’s your portal to a remarkable journey deep into the heart of the Wabanaki Forest. As stewards and caretakers of this special forest, our mission remains steadfast: to protect and restore the climate by empowering communities and forests to thrive together. We are proud to offer you this invaluable resource that will strengthen your connection with the forest and empower you to nurture and protect it in deeply meaningful ways.

The Wabanaki Forest – A Shared Treasure

Spanning across the Maritime region of Canada, the Wabanaki Forest envelopes more than 12.4 million acres of pristine wilderness. This expansive canvas is painted with diverse flora and fauna, from towering timber giants to elusive woodland creatures. We, at Community Forests International, are resolutely committed to safeguarding and rejuvenating these woodlands. Our unwavering dedication to the principles of ecological forestry fuels our work.

A Guide for Everyone – Your Path to Forest Stewardship

“Into the Wabanaki” is not exclusive to seasoned forest keepers; it’s a compass for anyone who aspires to connect with this awe-inspiring forest. Whether you’ve recently inherited a woodlot, are a seasoned landowner, or have freshly embraced rural life, this guide serves as your roadmap to understand, nurture, and safeguard the land you proudly call home. We aim to empower you to become forest caretakers, to learn, and to lead with care.

Our guide is crafted to be accessible to a diverse range of audiences, whether you’re a passive owner, an enthusiastic outdoor explorer, or a recent homesteader. For parents and grandparents eager to get their young ones into nature’s embrace, the guide is an invaluable resource, nurturing a love for the great outdoors during family forest adventures.

A Year in the Forest

Much like the forest itself, this guide pivots through the four seasons. With each chapter, you will delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of the forest – comprehending its vibrant ecosystem, the influence of natural disturbances, and the challenges posed by climate change. It’s a journey through the forest’s annual transformations, from the serene winter landscapes to the blossoming spring, vibrant summer, and the kaleidoscope of autumn. We urge you to embrace these seasonal shifts, forging stronger connections with nature throughout the year.

Our Vision and Your Vital Role

Our vision at Community Forests International is to thrive in harmony with the diversity of life on this planet. Realizing this vision isn’t just our obligation as custodians of this land; it’s our highest calling. By placing ecological forestry at the heart of our work, we understand that you, the people, are the force of restoration our world yearns for. Together, we possess the power to shield and preserve these forests for future generations.

We invite you to embark on this extraordinary journey by downloading or purchasing “Into the Wabanaki.” With each chapter you explore and every tip you follow, you become an essential participant in the forest’s conservation and sustainable management.



We give our heartfelt thanks for your dedication to our shared mission of forest protection and rejuvenation. As we set out on this adventure, we hope “Into the Wabanaki” ignites your passion for the land, encourages you to listen more intently, observe more keenly, and ultimately, connect more profoundly with the land you call home. Our aspiration is that this guide proves to be an indispensable resource, helping you kindle a genuine and enduring connection with the Wabanaki Forest.

Together, we can shape a sustainable, prosperous future for our forests, communities, and our planet. The guide is now available for download and for purchase, and your journey of stewardship starts with a simple click.

Join us in this endeavour, and let’s ensure a vibrant, healthy future for the Wabanaki Forest – a future that extends to generations to come.