By Community Forests International, Posted on May 15, 2022

Update: If you missed the event, you can still watch this inspiring and informative session here.



How can the forestry sector support the well-being of the diversity of people connected to the forests?

We know doing so will require many communities to work together. That is why in 2021, we launched the Common Ground project — a movement for ecological forestry through shared Indigenous forest knowledge and family forest values.

On Wednesday, May 25th at 12PM AT, we invite you to join this lunch-and-learn discussion about the barriers to forest-land access faced by Indigenous communities, and how supporting a more diverse forestry sector benefits our shared climate and all communities.

Hosted by our own Dani Miller and featuring Andy Kekacs from the Nova Scotia Family Forest Network, Chris Googoo and Jocelyn Marshall from Ulnooweg Development Group, and Community Forests International’s Daimen Hardie, this exciting panel promises to inspire!

Don’t miss this chance to listen in on how we can work together for a more ecological and equitable future in forest management.