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Stories from the Wabanaki forest of the Maritimes, the Spice Forests of Zanzibar, and the mangrove forests of Mozambique.

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Found Nowhere Else on Earth

An extraordinarily diverse and unique type of forest used to thrive in the northeast region of Turtle Island. Rich old-growth blanketed an area from present-day New York State across the Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Its range aligned with the combined territory of the five original nations that have lived with it and cared for it since time immemorial.

Blending northern and southern mixed wood forest ecosystems, the forest is entirely unique to the east coast region.

This forest is known by many as its settler name, the Acadian Forest. We call it by its original name, the Wabanaki Forest.

Visit the Forests

The Wabanaki Forest is so important for our climate and for the diversity of communities who call these lands home. Come with us to visit this special forest and see why.


Forgotten But Not Lost

Across Canada, the east coast Wabanaki Forest remains largely unknown — even to those who call the region home. This unique forest type has been listed as one of six endangered forests in North America, and what remains is vulnerable to threats caused by climate change.

Only small remnants of resilient, old forest remain intact today in valleys and hard-to-access ravines, where the extensive land clearing since colonization could not easily reach. The diversity and potential of the Wabanaki Forest surviving in these last remaining pre-colonial forest stands—less than 1% of the entire forest region today—have been all but forgotten.

But the forests are not lost.

These last refuges provide a window back in time to the Wabanaki Forest’s full potential and are home to stores of biodiversity. By protecting what remains and restoring that which was lost, we can one day return the full vibrancy of this forest to the broader landscape.

With your help, a future with diverse, old forests is possible.

Our Mission

With less than 1% of pre-colonial forest remaining and climate action needed now more than ever, Community Forests International is on a mission to protect what remains and restore what has been lost.

The climate crisis is upon us, and there is no time to waste. The special Wabanaki Forest can be one of our greatest climate solutions, but only if we can protect it first.

To date, we’ve protected over 7,000 acres of Wabanaki Forest. And now we’re on a mission to protect and restore thousands more for today and the future.

Found across the Wabanakik region, these forests are a diverse mix of endangered old forests and young forest landscapes that will be actively managed to restore a vibrant forest habitat. If secured, these forests will act as deepening carbon sinks with countless climate and community benefits.

Check out a few of these special forests!

Your Opportunity

This is your opportunity to grow a legacy and restore diverse, resilient Wabanaki Forests for today and the future. If we act together now, the Wabanaki Forest can be one of our most promising solutions for community and climate co-resilience.

This is your chance — will you take it?

Acre By Acre

For the year ahead and beyond, you can be part of this movement — ensuring forests today and for the future, acre by acre.

P.S. You can choose to give the gift of future forests by dedicating your donation to a loved one!

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Corporate Partners

We believe that businesses can be a positive force for good in our society when we work in tandem to protect and restore our shared forests. We are proud partners of businesses through 1% For The Planet and B-Corp, and are always looking to expand meaningful and value-aligned relations. Could your organization be next?

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Like the ancient hemlocks that thrive in the old Wabanaki Forests, Community Forests International’s Hemlock Circle provides members with an opportunity to have a long-lasting and deeply rooted impact on our work — ensuring that forests and the people connected to them thrive for generations to come.

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